Finishing goals

Last week i jogged/walked 15 miles. This week I’m less than halfway there but am intent on finishing the week strong, no matter what it takes.

There’s something beautiful about finishing a goal, even if it’s just one. Setting out to complete something and accomplishing it completely shifts my mindset into one of success. With one success comes another, and soon enough there’s a snowball effect of successes.

This is why finishing those 15 miles this week means so much to me. If i can get this together and meet my running goals, everything else will slowly start falling into place. Running away can actually make the rest of your problems disappear.


The Problem with Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, what can i say about you that has not been said. I just can’t seem to stay away for long. You lure me with your prettiness and ideas and inspiration. Just going through your pictures makes me feel like i accomplished so much, when i really just wasted hours procrastinating online.

Oh the projects that would have get done at work, the b-school studying that would have happened, the amazing workouts i could have done. If it wasn’t for you i would be ahead at work, an expert on business statistics, and have the body of a goddess.

And just as I’m about to block Pinterest forever out of my life, i realize: It’s not you Pinterest, it’s me. If not for you, I would have still found some other way to procrastinate. I need to fix myself in order to love you, dear Pinterest. Maybe we can be friends? Just stop teasing me so much, we can work this out. Plus i still have the body of a goddess…well OK, the Botero interpretation of a goddess. That still counts.