Psychological WMD

Today I feel like quitting my job, even if it means I have to quit business school as well. Serves me right for always fantasizing of quitting and coming to work with my family; the difference between expectations and reality is one of the most fantastically soul-crushing forces in the universe. If a psychological weapon of mass destruction were to be created it would have to come from the destructive force found in that gap.

I love my family, and i love being able to finally get my MBA. I don’t like this island and the social isolation, i don’t like  my paycheck or the havoc that this has created on my finances, i don’t like feeling useless at work without any say or power.

Should I move and pursue a better and more independent life? Should i practice patience and loyalty instead? What would prevent me from making a miscalculated decision with a terrible outcome? Analysis paralysis, shouldn’t there be a medication for this?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

V-day is one of my favorite holidays.I love the visually stunning aspect of all things red, pink, heart-shaped,ruffly, and full of flowers. It so beautifully upholds the celebration of love and friendship in all its forms that I’ve never found a reason to dislike it, despite my hopeless singleness. There is hope in the world if there is so much love, that a day is dedicated to it.

This v-day i wanted to acknowledge the love i feel for my close friends and those that hold a special place in my heart with some homemade treats. I bought all the ingredients to make macaroons AND whoopie pies AND brownies AND cookies. One of them should turn out edible, right?

I only made the whoopie pies and they turned out more than edible. They were exquisite and the frosting was perfection. After coming to the realization that the frosting would melt during shipment, i gave them away at the office and had my mind set on making a batch of brownies to send. It never happened.
So i have friends that are excited to receive a package that hasn’t been sent.
Valentine FAIL
I’ll send an e-card. It’s the thought that counts?

On accomplishments of the day i jogged 2 miles during my lunch break, finished most of my b-school project and presentation for next week and helped a company i don’t work for save tens of thousands of dollars with a few key suggestions in the project. See, I can be awesome sometimes. If only they would send a few of those G’s my way 🙂