Psychological WMD

Today I feel like quitting my job, even if it means I have to quit business school as well. Serves me right for always fantasizing of quitting and coming to work with my family; the difference between expectations and reality is one of the most fantastically soul-crushing forces in the universe. If a psychological weapon of mass destruction were to be created it would have to come from the destructive force found in that gap.

I love my family, and i love being able to finally get my MBA. I don’t like this island and the social isolation, i don’t like  my paycheck or the havoc that this has created on my finances, i don’t like feeling useless at work without any say or power.

Should I move and pursue a better and more independent life? Should i practice patience and loyalty instead? What would prevent me from making a miscalculated decision with a terrible outcome? Analysis paralysis, shouldn’t there be a medication for this?


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