The Big Fat Fail

I’ve put on a couple pounds here and there over the years and mentally dismissed it as something that would be lost eventually. After all, i’m a healthy person that loves a good workout once in a while, how can the pounds not come off?
Maybe it was because i had people that were so positive and supportive around me, maybe it was because i always thought my pretty face forgave all the fat accumulating underneath, but i dismissed it as irrelevant. Always thinking: I’ll be fine, just a couple of runs here and there and i’ll get back into shape.

Recently i crossed over into the obese category and realized, this is not about a couple of runs anymore, this is going to take some serious time to fix. I messed up badly here. How bad? 70 pounds over a 7 year period bad. That’s a Big Fat Fail.

I don’t plan on losing 70 pounds and getting back to my spenthalf-a-dayatthegym&hardlyate weight, but i still need to lose a good 40 pounds to get into a healthy weight range.

So i did what any sensible obese out of shape person would do, sign up for a marathon. OK a half-marathon. And it’s more than 6 months away so there are a couple months left to train.


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