The Problem with Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, what can i say about you that has not been said. I just can’t seem to stay away for long. You lure me with your prettiness and ideas and inspiration. Just going through your pictures makes me feel like i accomplished so much, when i really just wasted hours procrastinating online.

Oh the projects that would have get done at work, the b-school studying that would have happened, the amazing workouts i could have done. If it wasn’t for you i would be ahead at work, an expert on business statistics, and have the body of a goddess.

And just as I’m about to block Pinterest forever out of my life, i realize: It’s not you Pinterest, it’s me. If not for you, I would have still found some other way to procrastinate. I need to fix myself in order to love you, dear Pinterest. Maybe we can be friends? Just stop teasing me so much, we can work this out. Plus i still have the body of a goddess…well OK, the Botero interpretation of a goddess. That still counts.


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