The Gym Fiasco

I recently moved to my current city and have been looking at gym options for a few months. Running outside is out of the picture because it’s VERY hot year-round and not safe. A few years ago i was here on vacation and tried running outside only to be defeated by the heat minutes later. This was back when i was super fit and would run every day, my current blubbery self wouldn’t survive.
I need to find a gym that is so convenient that there could be no excuses. My excuses are very creative and “i don’t want to leave my dog alone all morning” has been a valid excuse in the past. Although there are no gyms that will let me workout with the dog, there are others which offer excuse-busting conveniences. So i’ve bought a few Groupons and have been to others on a trial basis. Here are my results:

Gym #1: I live in a condo that has a gym downstairs. The convenience! Always available! So exciting! Until the elliptical didn’t work, the treadmill would rarely start up, and the second treadmill will violently jerk every 90 seconds. No workout here.

Gym #2: Had dirty bathrooms, dirty treadmills, and bad customer service. How i wish i had taken a picture of those treadmills with the sweat droplets accumulated over months without anyone to clean them. Excuse me while i return all unprocessed food in my stomach back to nature.

Gym #3: The highly recommended uppity gym. Except when i got there it wasn’t uppity. It was as plain as mom jeans at the gymboree. You want me to pay how much?? Dear uppity gym, have you noticed my financial FAIL? No go.

Gym #4 & 5: 5 minutes away from home! Great! Oh goodness, in what decade did you people buy this equipment? It’s OK, how much are you charging? What?!?! as much as uppity gym? I will pretend this never happened, walking out now.

Gym #6: Not a gym, but a running track close by. There’s no parking in the morning and a has a tow truck patiently waiting. Did i mention the heat? No go.

Gym #7: This used to be an all-ladies gym, where the geriatric crowd came to work out and exchange cookie recipes. Not helpful to salivate over cookie recipes while working out. I did not want to go, but i was on an “i have to work out” mindset and had just been kicked out of the running track. My mother insisted that it had been revamped so I asked for a day pass and went. It was thoroughly impressive. TVs in front of the treadmills, updated equipment, relatively clean. All the things that would have been a given in any gym in the US, but count as impressive here in the island. I asked the trainer for prices and he told me about a great offer; after thinking about it overnight I came back ready to sign up. However the salesperson said the offer had expired the day before and the price was now double. That would have been helpful information to know yesterday. She would not budge at all and i walked out, furious.

Gym #8: The treadmill at my sister’s house during lunch hour. Very limited

I should probably let it go, but i refuse to go back to gym #7. Take it as a life lesson and compromise, or refuse to compromise and find a less convenient gym that is further away?


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