Get it together Yo!

My life is a disaster.

Career? Fail

Love life? Super Fail

Finances? Oh goodness i hate talking about money, but…Fail

Fitness? Big Fat Fail

Friendships? Could do much better at staying in touch; since i’m on a roll here that will count as: Fail

How did someone that is smart, well educated, and that has great friends and family fail so much? Laziness.

It would be great if i marked today as the start of a new chapter in my life and loftily state that i will start doing everything right, but i’m motivationally out of shape. Motivation takes training, and I’ve been lazy for far too long to so boldly change my daily choices and actions.

This blog is my amusing journey of trying to fail a little less each day. Hope it’s a success….although i don’t have a good track record


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